Re: xconfig lossage: summary and suggestions (long)

Werner Almesberger (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:08:17 +0100 (MET)

Regis Duchesne wrote:
> I get rid of the mainmenu_title, mainmenu_option, next_comment
> and comment crap and unify this in:
> than TCL/TK. Moreover, we could use a "collapsable/expandable tree widget"
> to display the structure of such a file.
> Note: For the .config generation, I'm planning to add some compatible
> modifications too: If a variable is disabled (I mean that the variable is
> for example defined in a if statement whose condition is false), but that
> variable was "y" before being disabled, I want to write it int the .config
> like this

Funny how history repeats itself. Scend had such features and a few more

Due to its age, it lacks defconfig, modules, and shows some wrong
directions, e.g. the lack of includes and the inclusion of help texts in
the the config file. Also, the variable handling (forward references and
such) is too complex and the usefulness of hierarchical variables may be
questioned. It also lacks cute graphics, but kconf, its predecessor,
actually had a line-mode compatibility interface for make config fans ;-)

May be worth playing with it as a "prototype design study".

- Werner

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