Re: Fix for strange name module loading requests

Bill Hawes (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:01:56 -0500

Regis Duchesne wrote:
> I'm pretty new to kernel debugging, thanks for the idea (even if it
> goes without saying, it always goes better when it is said :)
> Stupid question from beginners like me :
> "How to force an oops in kernel code?"
> Answer for the record : just try to write something at address 0.
> Anyway, with Bill's valuable advice, I tracked down that bug : the
> 2.1.79 patch (net/ipv4/af_inet.c) allowed the device to handle every ioctl
> call that the INET socket can not handle itself. This revealed a weakness
> of dev_ioctl(), which does not look at the ioctl _before_ assuming that
> it can handle it, and it can load the adequate device module.
> Here is the fix (against 2.1.82) for these horrible things :
> Jan 27 10:30:43 Celine modprobe: can't locate module X!^O@^X-
> Jan 27 10:30:43 Celine modprobe: can't locate module ^D

Good tracking! I'm sure everyone will be glad to get rid of the bogus module
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