Re: Proposed patch for Linux-2.1.81 GDT scsi driver

Achim Leubner (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:36:25 +0000

"Adam J. Richter" < wrote:
> It looks like the GDT scsi driver was trying to do something
> that used the now deleted SCSI kernel timer number. It looks like
> there is an identical (?) function that has been updated in
> scsi-obselete.c, so I deleted the function from the GDT driver and
> called the one in scsi-obselete.c. You should probably look at this
> patch before deciding to integrate it. I am not absolutely positive
> in my assumption that these two routines were functionally
> identical. Also, the symbol update_timeout probably needs to be
> exported in order for the module to load. Anyhow, I have appended
> the patch below.
Thanks for your patch. Your are right, the functions are identical.
But I guess, the better way is to use the new functions
scsi_add_timer()/scsi_del_timer() in scsi.c instead of using the
functions in scsi_obsolete.c. I made a new patch for 2.1.82 and I
sent it to Linus. Further on the patch includes required changes to
the GDTH Scsi_Host_Template structure.