Re: OFFTOPIC: GGI and alternative GUIs and windowing systems in Linux -LONG

Pavel Machek (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:14:06 +0100


[this is offtopic here, but anyway]

> Whenever multiple windows are involved, a server of some sort is inevitable.
> X does it, sunview did it (but lied about it:-) and Windows does it. And
> in any case, that bitmap needs to be delivered to the server,
> somehow.

No. In many cases (menus, dialog boxes, ...) it is really ineffective
to transfer data by lines as X do it.

And if you put ability to paint menus in server (which is IMO good
think), you have additional advantage that you can select how
*applications* will look on your desktop.

MS-Windows do it this way. And I think that their way is better than
X. (Sad to say).

I had a program under windows, which looked for specific dialog boxes
('Are you sure you want to erase...'), analysed them, and
automatically answered such questions ('Yes!').

I know this above example is rather misuse, but it shows power of
application telling _what_ they want ('I want menu with items File
(Open, ...), Help' - MSWin) instead of how to do it ('I want text 'File' and
text 'Help', line under them - X).


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