Re: sound and other diffs

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:44:07 -0600

Hi Thomas et al,

> The radio diff is a collection of various minor things:
> - baycom_par: a parport change seems to have escaped me,
> this is the fix
> - soundmodem: as i386 arch now exports boot time capability
> probe, the driver doesn't need to do it by itself.
> - hfmodem: copy_xx_user misuses fixed (also pointed out
> by Michael Chastain).

I proofread read it and I built it on my system. I don't have a
radio modem so I can't test any more than that. Everything in
the patch looks fine to me. I particularly like the disappearance
of all that cruft at the beginning of drivers/char/hfmodem/main.c.

It Works For Me (TM).