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This is a story that's been around for a while an it hits close to home. I
can't imagine that anyone at some point hasn't had an experience like
this.....and then some of us marry him.


All comments welcome to

~~Together But One~~

She closed the door quietly behind her and locked it. Dropping her keys on
the table, she then kicked off her high heels wearily and walked across the
carpet, her footsteps not making a sound. Gathering up the bottom of her
long black evening gown, she moved up the stairs and entered her bedroom.

Dropping the bottom of her dress, she made her way across the room and
turned on the small lamp on the night stand, the room immediately glowed
with the soft light. She sat at her makeup table and studied her reflection
in the mirror, brushing back a few strands of blonde hair that had fallen
out of the gold clip and then leaned over closer to the mirror, studying
her eyes. There was a certain glow to them that could only be explained by
one emotion. Smiling, she reached back and pulled the clip from her hair,
allowing it to fall down past her shoulders; she brushed it back from her
face with her fingers and smiled at herself. Removing her gold earrings
she dropped them carefully on the table, placing her elbows on the table
and her chin in her hands she looked at herself again and sighed. Her eyes
seemed to sparkle. Had he seen what she saw there?

Without taking her eyes off the mirror, she removed the thick gold necklace
and then her watch, placing them beside the earrings. A shiver ran down
her spine. How was this possible? How could she feel this way without ever
having said a word to him?

Sighing again, she stood up and reached behind her back, pulling down the
zipper of her gown. The thin shoulder straps fell down her arms and the
dress slid quietly to the floor. Stepping out of it, she picked it up and
tossed it onto the chair; her nipples hardened a little from the change in
temperature. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she eased
them down her legs and stepped out of them, tossing them into the laundry

Moving slowly across the room she flicked on the stereo, and soft music
filled her ears. With the window open, she felt the warm breeze caress her
body with light feathery touches, the curtains danced behind her with the
wind as she crawled into bed. Cool satin sheets added a new sensation to
her already warm body. Turning the light off she laid back and stared at
the ceiling; soft shadows fell across the room, and her mind drifted to the

The gathering had been larger than she had anticipated. Walking into the
room and being confronted by over a hundred people had not been the evening
she had hoped for, although the fact that the event was to raise money for
a local charity did make it easier for her to stand around and paste on a
fake smile. Her mind drifted ahead to when she was listening to a woman
talk about her recent trip to Milan. It was one of those conversations
when you tell yourself that you should really be paying attention in case
they actually wanted you to join in, or worse yet, asked you questions
about what they had just told you, but you couldn't help wishing that you
were somewhere else. It was in one of those drifting moments that she
spotted him across the room.

He was dressed in a tuxedo like the rest of the men, but there was
something else that caught her attention. Maybe it was the way he threw
his head back when he laughed, or maybe it was the laugh itself--very
masculine and self assured. She had tried to turn away when he looked over
at her, but she froze. He smiled and nodded slightly and then returned to
his conversation. Feeling like a fool, she turned her thoughts back to the
woman, who hadn't even noticed that she wasn't paying attention.

At dinner, he was seated at the table next to hers, where she could hear
his deep voice. It seeped into her body and down to her soul. It was so
smooth, comforting and yet very stimulating at the same time. She wanted
to move closer, to be beside him and just let his voice carry her away.
Before she knew it, dinner was over and people started to circulate again.
Several acquaintances filled her time with endless chatter, and she had
lost track of him.

His voice was suddenly behind her, and her heart fluttered; she didn't dare
turn around but stood very still and tried to concentrate on the
conversation at hand without success. She watched peoples lips move
without hearing a sound as his voice filled her head and took over her
body. At one point he walked past her and turned, giving her a quick smile
on his way to the bar. Her eyes followed him as he made his way across the
room, greeting people as he went. Some people had started dancing but most
were just standing around with drinks in their hands, and there was an
endless sound of ice cubes swirling in glasses.

As she remembered his voice, her fingers took a life of their own and
slowly moved down her neck to her chest, running across her now hard
nipples. She rolled her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and
squeezed it. How she wished that it was his lips pressing and sucking it.
Squeezing again, only harder, she moaned at that thought. Her other hand
moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, and the harder
she squeezed the more she felt an awareness between her legs. Pulling both
nipples out and turning them gently, she imagined that her hands were his.
In her mind she could see his dark hair; his dark eyes watching her,
wanting her as much as she wanted him. The way he looked at her consumed
her, sending shivers down the length of her body.

Releasing her breasts, her hands traveled slowly down her flat stomach. Her
skin tingled as she touched it, every nerve ending slowly coming alive. As
her fingers touched the top of her pussy, she couldn't help but shake and
moan softly. Slowly her index finger slid between her pussy lips, touching
her hard clit, and in her mind, her finger was his tongue. Bringing her
knees up and spreading her legs, she rubbed her finger softly against her
clit, feeling the moisture spread with each stroke. A small moan escaped
her lips as she moved her finger down and dipped into her pussy. As she
slid her finger in and out, she moved her other hand back to her breast to
pull at her nipple.

He was with her now, his tongue lapping at her clit, his nose against the
top of her pussy as he sucked her clit into his mouth and pulled back on
it. As his mouth tugged, he slipped a finger into her pussy and slowly
began pumping it into her. She inserted another finger to match the
thickness of one of his and pumped, her thumb rubbing hard against her
clit. Raising her hips off the bed she met his fingers thrusts, pushing
her pussy hard against his face, wanting him to take more of her into his
mouth. She felt his teeth pulling at her skin, the softness of his kisses
against her lips, and the pounding of his fingers as he relentlessly jammed
them deep inside of her.

Squeezing her nipple hard, she felt her body begin to shake. Her thumb
moved harder and faster against her clit and her fingers slapped against
her pussy. She thought about the end of the evening when she was leaving.
How she was trying to quietly slip away and turned the corner to find
herself face to face with him; his warm dark eyes had looked right through
her. His smile had made her heart stop for only a second, and then she
could hear it come alive again and start pounding hard in her ears. He
held her gaze for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of them spoke but
the words didn't seem necessary. He then smiled again and lightly brushed
against her arm as he stepped around her and walked back into the room.
Her bare arm had tingled where he had bushed against it, and as she
remembered that feeling she drove her fingers in deeper and faster.

Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, she felt her body tense; it was
a feeling of total confusion; wanting the release but also wanting to hold
the moment. Her thumb moved faster, and her thighs tightened against her
hand; she could feel her pussy muscles tightening around her fingers; the
contractions were strong and overtook her. As she let out a scream, her
body shuddered in the ultimate release, soaking her fingers with her sweet,
sticky juice. She laid there for several minutes, savoring the waves that
washed over her body. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she sucked on
them and tasted what was meant for him.

She closed her eyes and saw his eyes staring back into hers. His voice
embedded itself into her mind and spoke softly to her. As she drifted off
to sleep she felt his fingers stroke her hair as he held her tightly
against him.

Sensuous You!
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