linux-2.1.80 ZNet ethernet driver crashes kernel at boot time

Adam J. Richter (
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 02:14:04 -0800

The following code at the beginning of the problem routine
in drivers/net/znet.c crashes the kernel during boot:

/* This code scans the region 0xf0000 to 0xfffff for a "NETIDBLK". */
for(p = (char *)0xf0000; p < (char *)0x100000; p++)
if (*p == 'N' && strncmp(p, "NETIDBLK", 8) == 0)

This same code has no problem under 2.0.33. I suspect that
the memory map for the Linux kernel at boot time has changed, but
I'm not sure. Perhaps somebody on this list will know off the top
of his or her head if that is the case, and, hopefully, where in
memory this routine should be looking.

The ZNet driver does not support building as a loadable
module, which is part of how I came to notice this problem.

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