compile problems with the kernel

Marty Leisner (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 10:02:38 PST

I find it very useful to run -save-temps when running into compilation

I hacked up for -save-temps to have precedence over -pipe (for these
occassions). Unfortunately, the Richard Kenner rejected the logic.

So, when makefiles have -pipe, I do:

CFLAGS=$(PIPE) ....other stuff

so I can do (on the command line)

make PIPE=-save-temps

to get save-temps behavior.

It would be easier if this change was put into linux.

Also, why does linux top level make

Why don't we just leave make alone
(so you can do

make -j 2
like you normally do instead of
make MAKE='make -j 2'

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