ANNOUNCE: LIPsec v0.5 available.

Gordon Oliver (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:48:20 -0300

Hi all.

LIPsec v0.5 is now available.

Author: Gordon Oliver
Copying: GPL

What it is:
IPsec for Linux, still experimental, but ready for broader testing.

Where you can get it:
It should soon be available by FTP from
in the directory pub/OS/linux/???
I'll post another note to this list when I can actually look at stuff
there and verify that it exists...

Note that this is _outside_ the US, and the software was entirely developed
outside the US from code acquired outside the US... (except the base linux
kernel of course... :-) )

Other suggestions as to where I could put it are welcome... (I can't seem to
upload to actually I can't seem to upload to anywhere, seems
some firewall is getting in the way...) If someone wants a copy for mirroring
purposes, you can request it by e-mail (mirroring perhaps should be better
stated as hosting :-) )

!!! it is EXPERIMENTAL !!! (just to make sure you heard that...

LIPsec is an independent effort to get IPsec on Linux, it is not related
to the previous IPsec version found on, because I was unable to
contact the author, and the licences are muddled at best...

It Supports:
- manual keying (no isakmp yet)
- AH_MD5-KPDK with old style (rfc 1825) headers
- DES-CBC as described in rfc 1829 (old style headers) with IV 32.
- HMAC-MD5, described in draft-ietf-ipsec-auth-md5-96-01.txt
- HMAC-SHA1, described in draft-ietf-ipsec-auth-sha196-01.txt
- DES, described in draft-ietf-ipsec-ciph-des-expiv-01.txt
- 3DES, described in draft-ietf-ipsec-ciph-3des-expiv-00.txt

It does interoperate with itself, but I am unable to test against the
nist web based interoperability test suite, because it crashes every
browser I've tested (or simply doesn't work, as with lynx).

incidentally it includes a PF_KEY interface as well...

Please send patch, bug reports, etc. to me. I'll be actively developing
for at least a while...

Gordon Oliver	(	Independent Consultant
	... Available for consulting on Linux  ...