Re: Another Menuconfig bug fix: allow integer value 0

Jon Evans (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:22:54 -0000


>All right, I've got insomnia, and I'm fixing another little
>bug in Menuconfig.
> <>
>This patch fixes a bug in scripts/Menuconfig that prevents it from
>accepting the integer value 0.

I noticed that last night, trying to set the i/o checking* to '0' for

Another three things I've noticed with MenuConfig while you're at it: :)

1) make mrproper; make menuconfig, goto SCSI/Drivers->
- even if Iomega Zip support is turned off, the i/o checking*
option is visible on screen. If you move the cursor to the
Zip line and press "n", it dissapears, as it should have been
to start with. This also happens in a few other places but
this is the one that I always notice.

2) Screen corruption when pressing PgUp/PgDown in a long list
- I've got a patch for this at home that someone posted to
this list ages ago. Haven't tried it with later kernels but
I'll try it when I get home.

3) (minor niggle) after changing the state of an item it remains
the "selected" item but moves to the bottom of the screen
instead of staying at the same position.

*Can't remember what it's called on screen, I'm not in front of
my machine at the moment. It's the one that accepts a value from
0 to 3.



Apologies for any poor formatting in this message - it appears to be
impossible to tell MS Outlook Express that I'd like to see the line
wrapping whilst composing.