Re: Memory leak in 2.0.33 ??

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
22 Dec 1997 16:54:54 +0100

In article <>,
Krzysztof Strasburger <> wrote:
>It looks like the swap cache bug. I have posted a fix for it many times
>to this list and it was even fixed in pre-2.0.31-2, but things look bad.
>Linus probably decided to keep the bug forever in the kernel. I suppose,
>it is still present in the 2.1.xx kernels... If you have ram >= swap,
>swap > 0 - be ready for crash!
>You can find the fix (for older kernel, but it should be applicable to the
>newer too) on Linux Mama (

Hmm, I looked but could not find it. Do you have a more exact pointer?
I don't see the problems or symptoms here but I'm always interested
in these kind of things in case I do get similar problems..


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