Re: Memory leak in 2.0.33 ??

Krzysztof Strasburger (
Mon, 22 Dec 97 14:39

>*PLEASE* tell me I'm a luser and that 2.0.33 does NOT have a
>memory leak as I heavily suspect.
>The only change in my system has been the kernel - going from .30
>to .31. I've got Netscape 4.03 running, and PINE, as well as 3
>other console sessions, and my PPP link. I've got 32M of RAM on
>an AMD-K5-133, and normally my system NEVER swaps. Since my
>initial boot today, all I've ran is one pine session, and
>Netscape, and a few bash sessions, midnight commander. Thats it.
>On a 32meg system, I normally have tonnes and oodles of free
>memory, or else a lot of cached data. I never swap unless I do
>compiling while using netscape while playing Quake while......
>Right now, I have 16M of swap used up, and it keeps getting
>worse. It seems when I look at a new web page, the hard disk
>starts going wild.
> total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
>Mem: 31760384 29810688 1949696 13037568 843776 7430144
>Swap: 34058240 15798272 18259968
>MemTotal: 31016 kB
>MemFree: 1904 kB
>MemShared: 12732 kB
>Buffers: 824 kB
>Cached: 7256 kB
>SwapTotal: 33260 kB
Hi all...
It looks like the swap cache bug. I have posted a fix for it many times
to this list and it was even fixed in pre-2.0.31-2, but things look bad.
Linus probably decided to keep the bug forever in the kernel. I suppose,
it is still present in the 2.1.xx kernels... If you have ram >= swap,
swap > 0 - be ready for crash!
You can find the fix (for older kernel, but it should be applicable to the
newer too) on Linux Mama (
Krzysztof Strasburger