Re: make menuconfig & NLS broken

Gordon Chaffee (chaffee@CS.Berkeley.EDU)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 00:45:42 -0800 (PST)

David Burrows writes:
> I've noticed this for the last umpteen kernels, and always neglected to
> mention that selecting native language support in make menuconfig fails to
> do anything. I'm compiling kernel 2.1.75 as I write this so maybe someone
> can have a look? Or am I the only one that uses make menuconfig? What I
> have been doing is "make menuconfig", then after I've done that.. "make
> config" holding enter until it gets to NLS, and enabling the US ones.

Nothing is wrong. The menu will only come up if you have one or more
of the msdos, vfat, or ntfs filesystem selected. It is a bit confusing
that it doesn't come up at all, but it does make some sense if you know
the reason behind it.

- Gordon