Re: fork: not enough memory

Boris Tobotras (
22 Dec 1997 07:41:51 +0300

>>>>> "Myrdraal" == Myrdraal writes:

>> Got a lot of "fork: not enough memory" errors running different
>> applications. This is really strange. This is "free" results:

Myrdraal> I used to get those errors too. I think that happens when the
Myrdraal> memory is too fragmented for it to get as many pages as it
Myrdraal> wants. I haven't had that problem in quite a while, I think the
Myrdraal> newer kernels may be more agressive about that sort of thing. So
Myrdraal> you could try upgrading to 2.1.74 or so, it's been running nicely
Myrdraal> so far.

The same sporadic error in .74.

	Best regards, -- Boris.