Re: Sendmail error

David Rysdam (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:03:25 -0800

>general protection error blahblha....
>eax: 00005307 ebx: 000000001 ecx: bfff0003 edx: 00000000
>esi: bfffefa edi:08048dfa ebp: bfff0003 esp: 00a93f80
>ds: 0000 es:0000 gs: 0000 ss: 0018
>Process halt(pid: 509, process nr:4 , stacking=00a9300
>stack: 00000246 0000002b etcetcetc....
>call trace: [<0011002b>] more of this stuff.....
>code: 2e ff 1d and so on...
>the above appears when i power down using the
>shutdown command.
>what the heck is it? i thought general protection errors
>were exclusive to windows?

Well that could be your problem...maybe he INSTALLED Windows.