Re: ___ 2.1.73 and knfsd

Bill Hawes (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:12:53 -0500

Yuri Kuzmenko wrote:

> >Is "home" a symbolic link back to the mount directory?
> No, /home is a simple mount point.

OK, I think I see what's going wrong here. If you export the root
filesystem and then remount it via NFS on the local machine, knfsd isn't
making the proper checks for crossing mount points. So when you cd to a
mount point directory, the inode is put back into use. (Inode numbers
aren't unique across filesystems.)

Knfsd is supposed to be checking for this, as the design is to export
only a single filesystem with each mount. I'll have to track down where
the mount-point crossing is occurring and why it's not being detected.

Anyway, thanks for reporting the problem.