Re: Sendmail error

non mus (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 10:04:08 PST

>an ethernet connection to the
>internet. I have just returned back to home (and modem) for Christmas
>break and when I try to start Redhat 5.0 the system boots normally
>it gets to
>Starting Sendmail: sendmail
>It stops there and doesn't proceed to do anything i.e. no disk access,
>error messages. I am making a wild assumption on this but I guess that
>this may have something to do with no internet for sendmail to
>itself with. My question is how can I work around this. I am dl'ing
>the boot and root disk to boot from so I can mnt the filesystem and
>the changes I need to.
>Any help on this problem would be great including the syntax to mount
>filesystem. (I would look it up but I have no linux to read the man
>Thanks for your help and have a happy holiday season,
>Matthew A. Reklau
>Penn State, Computer Engineering

you might want to check your /etc/resolv.conf , /etc/HOSTNAME,
and /etc/hosts file. i've had the same prob. as yours and
reediting the resolv.conf fixed it. if the kernel stalls
on the 'sendmail' part, just ignore it. it will load
eventually, but may take a few minutes.

now on to another prob.. does anyone have a clue what this is?
could it be a virus ? i made the ultimate mistake of letting
someone take the 'helm' while i was away .
can't say for sure i trust the guy..

general protection error blahblha....
eax: 00005307 ebx: 000000001 ecx: bfff0003 edx: 00000000
esi: bfffefa edi:08048dfa ebp: bfff0003 esp: 00a93f80
ds: 0000 es:0000 gs: 0000 ss: 0018
Process halt(pid: 509, process nr:4 , stacking=00a9300
stack: 00000246 0000002b etcetcetc....
call trace: [<0011002b>] more of this stuff.....
code: 2e ff 1d and so on...

the above appears when i power down using the
shutdown command.
what the heck is it? i thought general protection errors
were exclusive to windows?

would appreciate any replies.

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