routing in 2.1.74

Russell Coker - mailing lists account (
Sun, 21 Dec 97 17:16:27 +1000

I'm running 2.1.74 and I am certain that the routing has changed. Here's
the ppp routes from my machine. The routes involving on
device ppp1 are the only ones I want (I currently have a single ppp link to which is my default route). How do I remove the other
routes? I've tried every combination of device names and netmasks on the
"route del" command line.
Even the ppp daemon had problems as it wasn't able to allocate the
default route when it (mysteriously) changed from ppp0 to ppp1. H 0 0 0
ppp1 H 0 0
0 ppp0 UH 0 0
0 ppp1 U 0 0
0 ppp1 G 0 0
0 ppp0 U 0 0
0 ppp1

Russell Coker