Re: 3c9xx Support.

Alan Cox (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 01:31:11 +0000 (GMT)

> At one point I tried to get the technical specs for the card, thinking
> to help debug the driver. (I had foolishly purchased a pair based on
> 3Com's reputation before looking into the driver situation.) After being
> promised a copy of the databook (and making several followup calls), I
> never received anything.

I had no problems at all with 3c59x/3c509 documentation. Indeed 3com gave
me free boards to help debug the original bridging code (at the time I
had 3 ethernet cards and 2 were 3c501s)

Only Donald could answer the matter of what info he's getting

> For me 3Com is one my "never again" list, and I can only hope that
> enough people will likewise recommend against them that the company will
> either mend its ways or go out of business.

Getting driver manuals isnt a main part of any business. There are a lot of
bits of 3com I hold in the highest contempt but the folks who bash out
the network cards and small bridges/hubs etc are in my good books.