Re: 3c9xx Support.

Bill Hawes (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 15:23:33 -0500

Philip Blundell wrote:
> >The 3c905 cards have been a source of endless trouble and frustration,
> >[...]
> >I hope the cards were free, or else you overpaid ...
> Do you think the cards are inherently broken, or is it just that the drivers
> have been a bit flaky?

I've only watched the 3c905 affair from a distance, but my impression is
that 3Com has withheld vital information necessary to work around the
card's quirks if not outright bugs. Donald Becker has a great deal of
experience in writing drivers, and several of the people who have helped
with the driver also have a good understanding of the problems. So I
can't believe it would be so difficult to get the driver working given
proper documentation.

At one point I tried to get the technical specs for the card, thinking
to help debug the driver. (I had foolishly purchased a pair based on
3Com's reputation before looking into the driver situation.) After being
promised a copy of the databook (and making several followup calls), I
never received anything.

For me 3Com is one my "never again" list, and I can only hope that
enough people will likewise recommend against them that the company will
either mend its ways or go out of business.