Re: 8390.c + 2.1 SMP, IO-APIC irq handling anomaly, 2.1.73 patch

Jon Lewis (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 10:28:37 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, MOLNAR Ingo wrote:

> there were various bug reports regarding 8390 based cards,
> strange error messages and interface stoppage under heavy
> load, for basically all 2.1 kernels since the 2.1.30-ish
> IRQ handling rewrite. Also, SMP+Adaptec bug reports do not

I've been seing this with the SMC 8216 Ultra (an 8390 board) and SMP in
the 2.0.3x kernels as well. It doesn't seem to require really heavy load,
and only happens on one of my SMP systems, a dual P150 production server.
My dual P120 test box has never done it.

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