Module versioning (was: Re: OFFTOPIC: binary modules, bad idea!)

Dominik Kubla (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 13:28:30 +0100

Theodore T'so wrote:
: However, storing the information in a separate ELF section doesn't
: solve this, unless you actually have GCC generate the hash code.
: (If you store the hash code in slab.ver, you'd still have the same
: problem.) In fact, if you have GCC generate the hash code, it'd
: solve this problem whether the hash code is stored as part of the
: symbol name, or in a separate ELF section.

Hmm, for ELF-based systems, one could try to use ELF symbol versioning
instead of a hash-code and since that is already part of the current
binutils it should not be a problem. The question however is if that
is sufficient for our purposes? Could someone with more understanding
how module versioning works comment on this?

Dominik Kubla