Re: 2.1.74 Patches (coredumping, ide-probe, ide-proc, ipfw, ksyms)

mlord (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 03:54:41 -0500

Jani Hakala wrote:
> Could somebody verify if these patches are (still) ok ?
> ide.c needs the max_readahead symbol, but this isn't exported
> ide-probe.c uses the ideprobe_init routine before it is declared
> (for 2.1.73 by Henrik Storner)
> linux/kernel/ksyms.c
> linux/drivers/block/ide-probe.c

There are other problems with the ide patches.. one of our patch
files to Linus got lost somewhere, which is why the modules don't work.

I think Gadi is working on a replacement update for this.

The Linux IDE guy