Re: smb: more than broken?

Robey Pointer (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 17:56:39 -0800

Just to clarify because some people misunderstood my original post:
* smbclient is part of samba
* smbmount is a Linux-specific tool (completely different source for 2.0
and 2.1)

In 2.1 (currently) both are required for mounting smb. In fact
'smbclient' must be patched and then modified by hand. In 2.0 only the
(old) smbmount is required.

Philip Blundell wrote:
> >* Roll 'smbmount' into 'mount'. If 'smbclient' is really necessary, let
> >'mount' start it up.
> I agree. Also, `smbmount' needs to massage sharenames so that they're in a
> legal format for mtab; at the moment I run in to trouble with programs like
> `df' because one of my SMB mounts has a space in the middle.

In 2.1 currently, 'df' does not even show the mount point of an smb
mount. :)

> >should be fixed at the source (samba) or rolled into the existing
> >'mount' command (NFS uses 'mount', why can't we?).
> I doubt it's deliberate to keep them separate, it just tends to happen that
> way at first. If you want to do the work to merge them and make them
> glibc-safe then I daresay many people would be grateful.

I've since come to the belief that we should keep a separate 'smbmount'
-- in fact, it would be nice if NFS did the same ('nfsmount'?), and then
let 'mount' do the native filesystems manually, while running the
external utilities for add-on filesystems. That way, adding things like
coda or smb will change only a few lines in 'mount'.


It looks like nobody is currently maintaining the user-level SMB
mounting tools (which explains why they're in the shape they are).
After vacation, I'll try to hack them into a useful shape and post them
on a web site. Time willing, I'll then start the gruesome job of
mushing them back into one single mount utility.

samba has made it clear that they will not support Linux's required
patches to 'smbclient' so we need to pull out what we need and stick it
back into 'smbmount'.


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