Re: Console handling (was: Re: Let's vote for PnP on 2.2)

Frank Sweetser (rasmusin@WPI.EDU)
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 19:45:55 -0500

==> Regarding Re: Console handling (was: Re: Let's vote for PnP on 2.2); Mike Bristow <> adds:

mike> On 12-Dec-97 Eberhard Burr wrote:
>> Still, being left with a dead console is an inconvinient situation,
>> especially on an non-networked machine. I'd love to see a possibility to
>> at least cleanly unmount all file systems in such cases. I've been
>> thinking about using upsd and a switch connected to a free serial
>> port...

mike> Or you could plug in elcheapo joystick and run "shutdown -r now" when
mike> both buttons are pressed for more than 5 seconds.

mike> I think there's some software that does this already.

I know that gpm can be setup to do this...

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