Re: Missed a transition??

Grant R. Guenther (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 16:11:54 -0500 (EST)

> I had two major problems with the software; 1) it stole my ability
> to use my printer, without a LILO reconfig and re-boot,

You could make your lp driver a loadable module, and merely load and
unload the two drivers as required.

> during boot, it always griped about a bad superblock during fsck ...
> even when I didn't have a cartridge in the drive. I can understand
> the second problem, since the OS hadn't yet loaded the module,

The only sense I can make of this observation is that you put your
ep partitions into /etc/fstab and marked them to be checked on boot.

Read the man pages for your fstab and fix the entries.

> and I
> understand that the first problem has been solved, with some
> twiddling with the kernel.

I suppose you are referring to the parport project. There are links
to the parport web pages at the same place where you found the ep

The short answer is that parport was not stable enough at the time
ep was written. I decided not to incorporate support for port sharing
at that time.

In fact, Phil Blundell, who is leading the parport work, and I are still
discussing some things about the current implementation. When the
new "paride" package is merged into the 2.1 kernel, you should
expect to see support for port sharing.

> HOWEVER, I seem to have missed the discussion about how to implement
> this. I believe that I will have to upgrade my version and rebuild
> everything, which scares the willies out of me. I've only done
> incremental changes, and I haven't seen any step-by-step
> instructions about doing this process. Can anyone provide a pointer
> for additional information?

You might prefer to wait for 2.2

Grant R. Guenther