Re: OFFTOPIC: binary modules, bad idea!

Stephen Williams (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:57:49 -0800

tytso@MIT.EDU said:
> Unless we get to the point where we can formalize the I/O interface
> enough where we can set it into concrete, I'm afraid that's not every
> likely (unfortunately).

There have been stretches of time where the interfaces have stabilized
far more then the kernel version numbers have. Most of my drivers would
run fine on any 2.0 kernel.

A C++ style name mangling scheme (type safe linkage) would be nifty, or
use debugger information to check for type similarity. Some form of
type-safe linkage is what is called for here, I believe.

There are other issues, like getting major numbers, but that is an argument
for another day.

Steve Williams

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