Re: NODIRATIME patch for 2.1.73
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:35:48 -0600 (CST)

And lo, linux kernel account saith unto me:
> On 19 Dec 1997, Boris Tobotras wrote:
> > >>>>> "Richard" == Richard Gooch writes:
> >
> > Richard> Hi, Linus. The following patch adds MS_NODIRATIME support to
> > Richard> 2.1.73. When a filesystem is mounted with MS_NODIRATIME then
> > Richard> reading directories does not change the atime for those
> > Richard> directories.
> > Can we just include this under existing NOATIME options as to not
> > do another mount(8) update?
> Please don't! I would really like to use this option, but I do not want to
> no update any atimes. I'm sure other people feel this way.
Perhaps the best option is to provide some mechanism (/etc or /proc file)
whereby mount could divine the latest mounting secrets at runtime? Some
hack on /proc/filesystems maybe, or a new /proc/fsoptions...

Keith (Socrates' last words: I built this zImage with WHAT?)