Re: Problems with post 2.1.65

Bill Hawes (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 22:50:02 -0500

Matt Maerli wrote:

> I'm having problems with any kernel later than 2.1.65. Two seperate ones.
> The most annoying is that if I install any modules (via make
> modules_install), even when my only module is ppp compression, my system
> hangs on boot up, right after this message:
> initializing random number generator...
> Normally, it's supposed to enter runlevel 3 at this point. Suggestions?
> Second problem. For some reason, syslogd can't create /dev/log anymore.
> I presume it's some kind of virtual device. Is there another way to do
> this now?
> I've tried this with all kernels up to and including 2.1.73, and all fail
> equally. I'm using all the suggested libs and such that are in the
> Changes file, with the exception that I'm using mount 2.6g.

Did you specify CONFIG_UNIX=y in your .config? This will probably fix
both problems.