Re: XF86_S3 server hard locks my box

Jani Hakala (
19 Dec 1997 04:34:50 +0200

Paul Wilkins <> writes:

> Sync your disks before you try this...
> # cd /proc
> # dd if=kcore of=/dev/null
> looks fairly harmless, yes? But if I'm running the XF86_S3 server
> (3.3.1), it hard locks my linux box (kernel 2.0.31, on a Pentium, 32M Ram).
> Not just the X terminal. An attached WYSE/serial terminal freezes as well.
> I can execute the above without the freeze if I run a different X
> server, eg XF86_SVGA. The lockup is 100% reproducable (for me).
I had a S3 trio64v based graphics adapter. XFree & svagalib-apps
(mainly zgv) worked ok until I bought Buslogic FlashPoint BT-930
UltraSCSI-adaptor to my amd 486-133MHz box. After that running an
svgalib application (zgv) crashed my computer. I wasn't even able to
log in to my computer using my HP48G which was attached to a serial
port. If I remember correctly I was able to crash my computer a
couple of times while using XFree. Squake still worked. I upgraded to
pentium (P200 & asus tx-97) -> no difference -> bye bye trio64v...

At least I got a good excuse to get rid of that card (it had
only 1MB edoram).

Jani Hakala