plip driver changes

Thu, 18 Dec 1997 14:01:51 -0800 (PST)

Hi all,

I just upgraded to kernel 2.1.72 and am now having some problems with
plip. I am using a setup like this. My linux box is and I have
a dos box running ncsa telnet witht the ip of and I just telnet
to the linux box so speech will work. Anyways my linux box is just your
standard pentium 90 with only one parport on irq 7. Ok in the 2.0.x
series, it detected plip1 fine, the 2.1.72 kernel detects it as plip0 and
on irq 2. My old setup looked like this.

ifconfig plip1 linux pointopoint dos arp up
route add dos

bingo it worked. I tried adjusting it to plip0 and route bitched that
there was no such device. Ok so I try this.

ifconfig plip0 irq 7
ifconfig plip0 linux pointopoint dos arp up
route add dos plip0

Well that atleast didn't complain but I try to telnet from dos and nothing
happens. Does anyone here know what's changed in that driver or what I'm
doing wrong. It worked fine for the 2.0.x kernels. Thanks for your help.