Re: Linux 2.1.72 problems

Alan Cox (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 11:41:30 +0000 (GMT)

> Problem 1: ISDN-net is broken. Apparently some clean-up has taken place in the struct netdevice and it seems some of the IPv4 specific fields have been moved to
> the inetdevice struct. The ISDN source file isdn_net.c has not been adopted to this -> compiletime errors. I have not managed to make it work myself (results in
> kernel dereferencing null pointers). Is there any work on this subject going on, or can anyone give me a clue to do it myself?

Andi send Linus the patches a couple of times so they should appear in 2.1.7x
fairly soon. Its all done and sorted

> Problem 2: IP masquerading is broken. Any packet that needs masquerading is not relayed to the destination network, although ipfwadm -F -c says it ought to. Same
> configuration with version 2.0.32 _does_ work! Again same question: is there any work on this going on, or can anyone give me a clue to do it myself?

Linus has been sent this too, so I hope it will make 2.1.73

> And a question: where can I find "official" bttv support/maintenance site/etc.

For the original driver yes. For the in kernel driver there are some test bits
on The binary doesnt work with the
latest kernel and I cant rebuild it at home until Motif for glibc comes out.
The source should if rebuilt. There are also a couple of bug sin the driver
for certain kinds of overlapping object that have been reported and Im trying
to get to the bottom of