Re: 2.0.33: 21140 and Oversized Ethernet frame

Blu3Viper (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 01:58:09 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, Dave Wreski wrote:
> I was already aware of the updated tulip driver. I'd like to follow the
> LMP guys, and their advise as to what is stable, yet works properly. I'd
> be happy to beat on these cards with the new driver, and provide results
> if necessary..

I have used nearly every tulip driver released since 72. Version 72 does
have some problems, notably I ran in to the frame buffer problem. I
stopped it by forcing the modes. After upgrading, v76 I think it was, I
didn't see it again.

Mr. Becker has done some great work with the tulip driver and I use the
beta releases in production systems with nearly perfect performance
(previous frame buffer issue several months ago).

I have a particular web server that pumps about 40-80 gigs a day with
excellent performance, it has been up for about 30 days right now. It has
an 8x version in it's kernel, somewhere around 82, 83.. If that doesn't
say something about the quality of Mr. Becker's work, I don't know what

I get new releases of the tulip driver as they come out and test them on
lab stations before integrating them.

> I actually wasn't aware that I currently was. Doesn't that require
> full-duplex on both ends, and my hub supporting it? My ISA NE2k certainly
> doesn't do full-duplex, and if hubs have to do full-duplex, I doubt mine
> does :)

That doesn't mean the driver won't try to automatically do something :)
Some hubs cause just the right kind of garbage and if in auto, the card
may attempt a negotiation of something.


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