Re: two things

Martin von Loewis (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 09:09:26 +0100

> 1) Is there a file somewhere that details the changes from kernels like
> 2.0.32 to 2.0.33. Not the changes to the .c files but basicly something
> that tell you what the kernel fixed and/or added.

> 2) There is a linux stack and symlink patch at
> which is as I'm told a good security
> implementation for linux. This patch has to be redone everytime a new
> kernel is released and I'm just curious if using this patch is still
> nescesary or if it will ever be included in the kernel.

The linux stack patch is not part of 2.0.33, and will never become
part of 2.0.x for any x. It is a new feature, and new features will
not be added to Linux 2.0.

Whether this is a good security implementation for Linux was subject
to heavy discussions; my feeling is that it is not. In any case, the
implementations presented so far had limitations. For example, they
break existing applications. I assume that there will be no such patch
made to Linux until these limitations are removed.