Re: lsof doesn't work without module support?

Raul Miller (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 00:41:04 -0500

Vic Abell <> wrote:
> "Doesn't work" is a pretty broad statement. *Exactly* what happens
> when you try to run lsof? What lsof version are you trying to run?
> Did you generate the binary or get it from somewhere else? Where
> did you get the binary or the source distribution? Did you check
> the distribution and binary PGP certificates and checksums?

lsof: WARNING: get_kernel_syms() unimplemented
CONFIG_MODULES not defined in autoconf.h?
lsof: WARNING: unable to verify symbols in /usr/src/linux/
lsof: WARNING: uncertain kernel loader format; assuming ELF.

I'm using debian's lsof version 4.18-1.

This is in a several-instances-of-same-kernel-version environment,
and I've neglected to solve the problem of managing

> What do you find in the lsof Makefile you generated with Configure?
> Does the CFGF string have HAS_QUERY_MODULE? If it does, then lsof
> will try to use the query_module() function; if it does not, lsof
> will try to use get_kernel_syms().

I'd hate to have to manage different copies of lsof as well as
different copies of to get this working reliably.