Re: Mouse minor chaos

Michael Schmitz (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:41:50 -0800

At 1:26 PM +0100 12/15/97, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>What's the logic behind the different mouse minors for different busmice?
>Wouldn't it be better to dynamically assign a minor when a driver registers a
>mouse? That way the users doesn't have to care anymore about the device names
>that are used for his mice, all he needs to know is that his first mouse is
>/dev/mouse0, his second mouse is /dev/mouse1, etc...

Would be nice to have that (though probably few people use more than one
How does the user know which mouse device corresponds to which mouse? And
would that mean taking mice out of the miscdev major, or reserving a range
of minors?

>Another advantage is that you don't need to register a mouse minor if you
>a new busmouse driver (e.g. the ADB mouse driver (work in progress)).

The ADB mouse driver (stalled, still waiting for news from the PPC ASB
maintainer) would go into the ADB device class, but your suggestion would
be a possible alternative.