Re: shared memory includes
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 13:43:26 -0500

Regarding the shmid_ds structure difference from glibc 2.0.5c
(/usr/include/sys/shm_buf.h) and Linux (/usr/include/linux/shm.h),
Ulrich Drepper correctly pointed out to me that Linux 2.2 also has the
difference (I mentioned before that 2.2 did not, I misread
__kernel_ipc_pid_t as __kernel_pid_t).

A similar difference also exists glibc for /usr/include/sys/msq_buf.h
and /usr/include/linux/msg.h, with the msg_lspid and msg_lrpid fields.

Semaphores look okay I think.

Andrew Veliath,