Should only __kernel_ino_t and friends be used in kernel includes?

Robert Bihlmeyer (
17 Dec 1997 10:32:38 +0100


if one still needs to #include <linux/foobar.h> one can tune down
namespace-pollution with #define __KERNEL_STRICT_NAMES. But then many
include files fail to parse, because they use, for example `ino_t'.
Shouldn't they use `__kernel_ino_t' instead?

Is this the Right Way?

sed -e 's/\([^_]\)\(fd_set\|ino_t\|dev_t\|mode_t\|nlink_t\|off_t\|pid_t\|uid_t\|gid_t\|daddr_t\|key_t\|suseconds_t\|size_t\|ssize_t\|ptrdiff_t\|time_t\|clock_t\|caddr_t\)/\1__kernel_\2/g'


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