Re: 2.1.72 and kernel NFSD

Bill Hawes (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:29:36 -0500

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I was having similar problems on a system that I recently upgraded from
> 2.1.29. I'm trying to upgrade to linux-nfs-0.4.21 but I get compilation
> errors:
> In file included from lockd_syms.c:25:
> /usr/src/linux-nfs-0.4.21/kernel/include/linux/lockd/lockd.h:169: structure has
> no member named `f_inode'
> Was there a patch for this that I missed?

Not a patch really -- just don't compile the kernel directory of the
linux-nfs package. It's all in the kernel now.