Re: Open() UNIX socket = socket() + connect() ?

H. Peter Anvin (
17 Dec 1997 02:56:25 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Felix Schroeter <>
In newsgroup:
> BSD does not support open() on UNIX domain sockets, either. I've
> talked to a friend about that. He thinks that while there's no good
> reason against that support, if open() on sockets were implemented
> e.g. on Linux, of course rather some people would actually use it,
> unnecessarily making their programs less portable. So in the real
> world, with diverse UNIX like operating systems, that feature would
> probably do more damage than use.
> And it isn't too difficult to do socket() and connect() yourself,
> anyway.

There is a huge advantage to it, though: it would enable a way to let
programs written to read (or write) to a file rather talk to a
process. The problem with fifos is that there is only one data path,
so only one program can play this trick at a time, whereas with
sockets there is one data path for each connection open.


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