Oops in 2.0.32 nfs?

Doc (doc@haloblack.itol.com)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 19:53:06 -0600 (CST)

Got this in 2.0.32 nfs:

general protection: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<0014ffa1>]
EFLAGS: 00010246
eax: f000ef6f ebx: 00000000 ecx: 038dcc48 edx: 001f09f4
esi: 038dcc28 edi: 00000002 ebp: 00000001 esp: 038dcbd8
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 0018 gs: 0018 ss: 0018
Process nfsiod (pid: 5, process nr: 5, stackpage=038dc000)
Stack: 038dcce4 0085bd90 038dcc5c 00000206 0017373b 0085bd90 038dcc2c 00000004
00000001 00000002 038dcc28 00000094 036ba074 036ba018 038dcd44 0085bd48
0085bd90 00000000 00218260 0000002b 00000000 038dcc48 00000010 038dcc5c
Call Trace: [<0017373b>] [<0014bb34>] [<0014bb48>] [<001734e4>] [<0014bb8c>] [<001500a1>] [<00173c75>]
[<0011ee7e>] [<00174a43>] [<00111725>] [<00173088>] [<00174df3>] [<00174890>] [<00174539>] [<00174575>]
Code: 83 78 48 00 75 0d b8 a1 ff ff ff 5b 5e 5f 5d c3 8d 76 00 83
Using `/boot/System.map' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 14ffa1 <inet_recvmsg+1d/88>
Trace: 17373b <rpc_recv+243/4d4>
Trace: 14bb34 <udp_sendto+c4/e8>
Trace: 14bb48 <udp_sendto+d8/e8>
Trace: 1734e4 <rpc_transmit+1a0/1b4>
Trace: 14bb8c <udp_sendmsg+34/c4>
Trace: 1500a1 <inet_sendmsg+95/ac>
Trace: 173c75 <rpc_doio+2a9/360>
Trace: 11ee7e <real_kfree+e6/12c>
Trace: 174a43 <nfsiod_read_result+1b3/1c4>
Trace: 111725 <schedule+15/28c>
Trace: 173088 <nfs_rpc_doio+b0/190>
Trace: 174df3 <nfsiod+6b/94>
Trace: 174a43 <nfsiod_read_result+1b3/1c4>
Trace: 174539 <run_nfsiod+3d/44>
Trace: 174575 <init_nfs_fs+35/7c>
Trace: 174539 <run_nfsiod+3d/44>

Code: 14ffa1 <inet_recvmsg+1d/88>
Code: 14ffa1 <inet_recvmsg+1d/88> 83 78 48 00 cmpl $0x0,0x48(%eax)
Code: 14ffa5 <inet_recvmsg+21/88> 75 0d jne 14ffb4 <inet_recvmsg+30/88>
Code: 14ffa7 <inet_recvmsg+23/88> b8 a1 ff ff ff movl $0xffffffa1,%eax
Code: 14ffb2 <inet_recvmsg+2e/88> 5b popl %ebx
Code: 14ffb3 <inet_recvmsg+2f/88> 5e popl %esi
Code: 14ffb4 <inet_recvmsg+30/88> 5f popl %edi
Code: 14ffb5 <inet_recvmsg+31/88> 5d popl %ebp
Code: 14ffb6 <inet_recvmsg+32/88> c3 ret
Code: 14ffb7 <inet_recvmsg+33/88> 8d 76 00 leal 0x0(%esi),%esi
Code: 14ffba <inet_recvmsg+36/88> 83 00 90 addl $0xffffff90,(%eax)
Code: 14ffc3 <inet_recvmsg+3f/88> 90 nop
Code: 14ffc4 <inet_recvmsg+40/88> 90 nop


nfs mounted ftp.kernel.org:/pub, was untarring 2.0.33 into a fresh subdir
under /usr/src. ^C'd the operation due to extreme slowness and some
"server is not responsing..." "server is OK" messages.

Went to umount the fs, and got the above oops. The filesystem _did_

The system is stock 2.0.32 with Ingo Molnar's memleak patch. If anyone
needs more info, feel free to contact me.