Re: NFS problem in 2.0.32
16 Dec 1997 20:43:10 +0100

Well, for all you people eagerly awaiting the next episode in this
everlasting flood of NFS-problems (yes I know there must be some of you
out there ), I got a response in a newsgroup which may be a clue to what
is happening.

Turns out, if we believe this source, that the Solaris NFS3 client
switches to NFS2 mode (obvioiusly), but still exhibits NFS3ish behaviour
- it floods the server with several simultaneous requests. This isn't
illegal in NFS2, but can give low performance if the server isn't tuned
for it, and can create problems with some - and I quote - _very_
peculiar NFS servers. (Well, obviously my translation is a bit lacking)

Does this sound reasonable? To my rather untrained eyes, it seems to
conform to what I see with tcpdump. The network is, as far as I can
tell with netstat and other test, perfectly clean. If this is indeed
the problem, is there something I can do about it? Will upgrading to a
newer nfsd (possibly 2.1.7x and knfsd) solve it?


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