Re: asus pi-p65up5 w/ >64M anyone? was: [linux-kernel] ext2fs pr

Torbjorn Lindgren (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 11:50:11 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Dave Wreski wrote:
> > The motherboard has OS/2 memory >64M disabled. It does appear
> > that there is some kind of memory hole just after 65535k.
> > If I don't pass mem=64M at boot it autodetects about 1024k more
> > memory. I guess I'm getting the ext2fs errors because it is the first
> > program to try and use the higher memory. I'm using the 2.0.33-pre3
> > kernel now, so its not the ext corruption problem.
> The Asus boards I've used had a Tag RAM socket, and for $3.99 you can get the
> RAM which will allow you to fully address above 64M. Check the Asus site to
> see if this is necessary for your board.

He said it was a PPro! A PPro's cache is fully integrated into the CPU,
and caches any memory you can throw on it (definitely at least 4 GB..).

Now, if it had been a Pentium, and the chipset *had* been the 430HX,
*then* you'd have a point. Note that the 430HX chipset is getting pretty
rare by now, and that *none* of the other Intel chipset for Pentium can
cache above 64 MB. This includes the newer 430TX (necessary for SDRAM

A none to subtle hint that Intel wants out of the Pentium business I

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