joystick times out.... in v2.1.66

Meino Christian Cramer (
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 13:22:15 -0000 (???)

software: v2.1.66 linux


The joystick module causes some headache to me...

I use a GUS PnP soundcard, which has a game port
for analogous joysticks.

Under MessDos the readout of the joystick
position and the button stati works "fine"
(using MSD) WITHOUT the soundcard driver

So -- it should work without any soundcard initialisation
under linux.

It should ... but it does not.

Firstly I used an unmodified module.
No success -- the module got a timeout in js_read()'s
while-loop but insmod'ing the module works, it was
accepted and appeared in all appropiate /proc/*

Then I simply commented out the part of the code
which checks the timeout var "j" after the while loop,
inserted the recompiled module and TADA! it works.

But: The load on the box was incredible high, cursor
movements or CTRC-C to abort the little test program
appears to be accepted very "late" ;-)

I myself have neither the experience nor a clue, what's up
with the timeouts in a unmodified module. I don't
know how to avoid such a high load. In the current form
of the module no one will be able to use the joystick
in the "real world", cause reaction of "button pressed"
and the movements are sooooo slllllooooowwww.

I saw your comment, Alan, in the beginnig of joystick.c,
concering a problem with a timer-something (?!), so
I will send you this mail, too. I don't know Brian Gerst's
email adress, who has modified the source at last.
(Hello Brian! If your are reading this, please mail me!!!)

PS: A friend (cc'ed above) of mine has exactly the same problem
with another soundcard, so I think, this is not a GUS-related

Would be nice, if the problem can be fixed...
If one helps me to understand this timeout thing,
I will try to fix the module...


E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
Date: 29-Nov-97
Time: 12:39:40

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