Re: Keycode for Win95 keyboard extra keys

Brian Beaudoin (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 22:32:11 -0500

oops.. forgot to send a copy to the list. Here's a copy of my reply to
Eric about the win95 keys..

Eric wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know the Keycodes for the extra keys on Win95 keyboards?
> (i.e., the left and right window key and that application key or whatever
> it is. ;) )


You can use the Linux program 'showkey' to give the scan codes of any
keys on the keyboard.

For those who haven't removed those offending keys (like Linus at the
June Linux Expo), the scan codes are 125, 126, and 127 corresponding to
the left "windows" key, the right "windows" key, and the "menu" key.

'showkey' must be executed from the Linux virtual console, not from an
xterm or a serial console connection.

A good way to figure out commands is to type 'apropos keyword' where
'keyword' is a word you are looking for. 'apropos' will try to find
appropriate commands using the information found in man pages.


> Thanks
> -Eric
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