Re: Linux Stability & cold.system

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Fri, 21 Nov 1997 00:01:14 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Bill Hawes wrote:

> wrote:
> > I agree that a good test suite for testing generic filesystem
> > implementation is sorely needed. Anyone looking for a good project
> > which doesn't require much in the way of kernel internals? It would be
> > great way to get someone who's interested in getting more deeply
> > involved with the kernel started....
> I'd like to second Ted's call for a good fs test suite. This would help
> greatly in eliminating obscure fs bugs, and would guard against
> accidental breakage when things are changed in the kernel. We really
> need a more formalized set of testing procedures, and running an
> expanding set of test suites would be a good start.
> This would be an excellent project for someone looking for a way to help
> improve the kernel.

This is prob the most important subsystem to test..

Not only are FS probs the most critical, it will test other subsystems
while it's at it..