>= 2.0.31 3com509 problems

Dmitri Alexeev (alexeev@math.tulane.edu)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 19:35:55 -0600 (GMT+6)

Hi all,
I can't help wondering what changed in the kernel so much that my 3com509
ethernet is no longer initialized properly. 2.0.30 works just fine.
But since 2.0.31 (with the same and also different configs)
they complain something like "IO symbol not found" or "not loaded".
Then standard message from /etc/rc.d/inet is printed as to why
I could have the problem. Doesn't help though...
Sorry if this is something really stupid,
I tried to check docs and infos...
I was waiting for 2.0.32 to see if it's gone, but it is obviously not.
Also, these errors do not get to syslog for some reason.
If someone needs more info, I will try to copy the messages down.

Dmitri Alexeev
Department of Mathematics
Tulane University