Re: vhand-2.1.64... problems solved - but not all ;)

Eugene Crosser (
19 Nov 1997 23:26:39 GMT

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just to let you know. For me, all 2.1.xx kernels are hanging trying
to allocate TCP buffers (I reported this problem), and I tried vhand
patch in the hope that it may help, as it deals with memory management.

Unfortunately, it did not. I got the system hung with the same
symptoms in less then 24 hours uptime. Also, perfomance of cpu
intensive applications (mpg123) dropped noticably with vhand.

I have a 120MHz 486dx4 w/16Mb, kernel 2.1.63+vhand-2.1.63.

BTW, Zlatko's patch seemed to cure the hang problem, but after a few
days, the system freezed anyway at the same place.

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