Re: Another knfsd wart

Bill Hawes (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 16:19:10 -0500

David Woodhouse wrote:

> While you're at it, Bill...
> The main reason I stayed with unfsd instead of knfsd even before the dcache
> screwed it up was that knfsd would no longer let you make two exports from the
> same fs. For example, if I want to export /home/ftp and /home/httpd
> simultaneously, it won't let me.
> This wants to be fixed for 2.2, if it isn't already. Could you have a look at
> it while you've got your fingers in the pie?

Yes, I'm going to get to work on the exports problem. I seem to recall
some test wanting an export to be the root of a fs, but it's not
immediately obvious to me why this needs to be the case. Two separate
exports would get distinct superblocks on the client side, so even if
the inode numbers overlapped there wouldn't be a problem.

> On a different topic, I'd like to back mkj's call for 64-bit inode numbers,
> because we should be able to make ncpfs NFS-exportable with them.

Individual ncpfs volumes should be exportable using its dirEntNum
values, and with some mapping perhaps you could handle multiple volumes?
If there's a way to query the server for the range of direntnums,
couldn't you use a volume prefix to map them into 32 bits?