RE: Network problems with 2.1.6[45]

PARMELAN Edouard (
Wed, 19 Nov 97 13:43:00 PST


I have the same problem with 2.1.6[45] and
my SMC9332 card (DEC 21140 chip).

I use the de4x5.c driver and patch-2.1.64.gz change it...

Remark: tulip.c driver never work for my card...


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Date : mardi 18 novembre 1997 21:17
A : linux-kernel
Objet : Network problems with 2.1.6[45]

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Hello there.

I don't think this has been mentioned, but if it has, please pat me on my

head, point me in the right direction, and send me on my way.... =8]

With both the 2.1.64 and 2.1.65 kernels, my network interface has been
It seems to work fine with 2.1.63. I'm using a NE2000-compatible ISA
and the driver gets loaded as a module. During boot-up, the card is
fine; correct IO port and IRQ. The way I've got my system set up, I
have an alias for the card. On boot-up, this alias is assigned and
through it are also assigned. IP-aliasing is also loaded as a module.

Everything seems to work fine, but no packets are sent out the interface.
can ping the interface IP without problems, but when I try to ping
machine on the local subnet, nothing happens. If I do an ifconfig on
the transmit and receive packets remain at zero, with the error packet
steadily increasing. (I think the number of errors increased faster with

2.1.64, but I might be wrong.)

Thinking that the problem might stem from the IP-aliasing, I removed the
routes, interface, and module and tried again by ifconfig-ing eth0 and
re-adding the simple, non-alias routes, but the problem persisted.

If I boot into 2.1.63, there is no problem. From the syslog messages,
is no indication that anything is broken.

Is there anything that I'm doing wrong or are there any known problems
might affect this? (Is there any further data that I can provide to help
this problem?)